If you have never been to a Linux Bier Wanderung before, you are most welcome to join us. To describe the event a bit better, I've tried to answer some questions you might have about the event.

Is it all about Linux? Whether you bring a computer or not is entirely up to you! Some of us get involved with working on projects, others (such the author) prefer to spend the week away from computers enjoying the scenery.

Are families welcome? An important question as we find outselves getting older. Yes, the LBW is a family friendly event. (Pubs may or may not admit children, of course.)

What happens in a day at LBW? In the morning we will usually meet in the hall, which serves as a meeting point for the week. There will likely be notices up for planned walks, excursions, talks, or other events. You can head off on one of these, or relax in the hall. In the evening a pub-of-the-day will be selected, and we will head there for food and drink. This year we have a kitchen in the hall, so cooking together there may well happen.

When do I need to turn up? This year we have the hall booked for 20-26th July. You don't need to stay for the whole week. If it helps you decide when, our registration site has a calendar of events people have planned in advance.

Where do I stay? You need to organise accomodation yourself, there is no recommended place. This year you have a range of options ranging from a campsite to hotels, with a canal boat somewhere in the middle. Ask on the list if you need help choosing. (One day we really should negotiate rates with hotels!)

What does it cost? To cover the cost of hiring the hall there is a suggested donation, probably in the region of £20 per person.

How do I register? We have a registration website to help us plan the week. If you're coming, create an account and sign up! (All accounts need currently need to be approved by hand to prevent spam, so it may take a day or so for your account to be activated. If you get stuck, email us or ask in IRC.)

What should I bring Things that you would like to enjoy playing with during the week. Walking boots, laptops and bikes are popular. Others bring radio equipment, electronics and climbing gear. Up to you!

How do I find out what's going on? We have a lowish traffic mailing list. If you're thinking of coming, join it. It's the best way to find out what is organised, and what we could organise. You can also find us on IRC.

Who organises it? The event is not carefully planned. Dave and Bill happen to have booked the hall this year, but there is no leader or committee planning things. Turn up and do what you enjoy! If you have questions, the best place to ask is probably the mailing list.

We have a general website here. You can find the practical details back on the main page. You can read about us in Linux Magazine.

If you have any useful information which I can add to this page I would be grateful if you could email it to lbw2014@þþ.be. Patches to this site, styling or content, are also welcome, whether via github or via git-format-patch. The source may be found at https://github.com/davel/lbw2014holdingpage.